First Issues - 1850 to 1851

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British Guiana provided an example of first issue expansion through changes of name. Hawaii illustrates another avenue of expansion through changes of administration. Formerly the Sandwich Islands, Hawaii became a recognised kingdom in 1843 and it was under this administration that the magnificently expensive 'Hawaiian Missionaries' were issued on 1st October 1851, illustrated by a stamp from the visually magnificent US commemorative sheet (full sheet overleaf). In 1893, external machinations over sugar rights brought about a provisional government, followed in 1894 by the proclamation of a republic. In 1900 Hawaii became a territory of the United States and in 1959 the 50th American State. It has used US stamps since June 1900.

Including administration changes provides a useful increase in the granularity of a first issues collection.

USA Sc3694a Hawaii SG Hawaii SG77 Sc74 Hawaii SG89 Sc80
Provisional Government Republic US Territory
[first issue 1st October 1851]
US Missionary commemorative
2002 SG Sc3694a
Princess Victoria Kamamalu
1893 SG54 Sc54
o/p SG27 Sc30
1894 SG77 Sc74 1899 SG89 Sc80

Hawaii also issued an official stamp in 1896.

The February 2008 displays will be 1852-53 in the thematic competition and 1937-45 in the 1937 to modern section. First issues in 1852 included two countries, three colonies, four German states and three Italian states. After you have tried to name them, you can check your answers by turning page 7.

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