First Issues - 1850 to 1851

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Italian States

Italy SG798 Tuscany SG11
Sardinia Tuscany
[first issue 1st January 1851]
King Victor Emmanuel II
Italy centenary commemorative
1951 SG798 Sc587
1st April 1851
SG11 Sc5

The first issues by Italian states were in 1851. Sardinia’s first (on 1st January) sells for £1,600 and so is represented by a commemorative. Tuscany’s earliest issue was on 1st April 1851, including the (£6,000) Sc2 SG4 1 soldi ochre and the stamp shown, the 2 crazie blue (Sg11, Sc5). The £4,000 1 quattrini black (SG1, Sc1) was issued on 1st September 1852.

Sardinia raises the question of which stamp should be collected as the first issue: some collect the first catalogue entry (the Scott or Gibbons number 1); others the first issue by date; completists the first set; the frugal, the cheapest in the first set when there are significant price differences.


Denmark SG2 Denmark SG208 Denmark SG224 Denmark SG214 ScB1 Denmark SG O51a Denmark SG D214
1st April 1851
SG2 Sc2
Recovery of Northern Schleswig
1920 SG208 Sc156
1925 SG224 Sc-C1
Red Cross
1921 SG214 Sc-B1
surch SG209 Sc159
1871 SG-O51a Sc-O1
Post Due
1921 SG-D214 Sc-J1
o/p SG173 Sc57

Here again, the first stamp issued was not the catalogue first but rather SG2, Sc2, the 4 rigsbank skilling brown on 1st April 1851. The 2 rbs blue (SG1, Sc1) followed on 29th April.

Denmark SG2 entire
Denmark first issue first day entire (illus.)

First issue first day covers are rare and, in this period, invariably expensive. The Denmark cover shown here sold in April 2007 for €52,000.


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