First Issues - 1850 to 1851

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Austria SG6 Austria SG189 Austria SG296 Austria SG240 Austria SG-D63 Austria SG-N11b
1st June 1850
SG1 Sc1

60th anniversary of Emperor
Franz Joseph I's accession
1908 SG189 Sc110

1918 SG296 Sc-C1
1k50 o/p on SG242 Sc160
War charity funds
1914 SG240 Sc-B1
Post Due
1894 SG-D63 Sc-J1
World's First
Newspaper stamp

1851 SG-N11b Sc-P1
Austria SG546 Austria SG1210
first real airmail
1922 SG546 Sc-C4
Centenary commemorative
1950 SG1210 Sc572

Austria's first issue was on 1st June 1850, celebrated in a centenary commemorative, right, which illustrates the coat of arms design rather better than the pale yellow first issue [the stamp is much paler than the scan]. Austria's philatelic innovation was the world's first newspaper stamp in 1851.

Austria's first real airmail was issued in 1922

See also Austria-Hungary and Hungary.

Lombardy and Venetia SG1
1st June 1850
SG1 Sc1

Lombardy and Venetia

Austria simultaneously issued a stamp for northern Italy, which was then part of the Austrian empire, but was gradually annexed to Italian states over following decades.


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