First Issues - 1840 to 1849

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This is Philately

Tha completes the issuing countries for the years 1840 to 1849, but another way to slice this philatelic cake is to consider the first issue of these various stamp types. My main sources here are again Mackay's Guinness and This is Philately by Kenneth A. Wood.

GB SG1 France SG-D87

The first stamp obviously remains the Penny Black, and France's 1859 post due label shown above was the first such issue. There is competition for some of the other First Firsts.

First Commemorative
New South Wales
1888 SG253 Sc77

For the first commemorative, honourable mentions go to:

but the first 'adhesive stamp with a specific commemorative inscription produced by a government postal administration' is the 1888 New South Wales issue for the centenary of the first colony in Australia.

Italy SG
First Airmail
1917 SG102 Sc-C1
o/p Express SG-E73 Sc-E1

The first government-issue airmail is from Italy, a 1917 overprint of its first Express Delivery stamp. The competition includes:


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