First Issues - 1886 to 1889

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Indo-China, cont.

Indo-China 1889
SG1 Sc1Indo-China 1931 SG160 Sc140 Indo-China 1933 SG197 Sc-C1 Indo-China 1914 SG77 Sc-B1   Indo-China 1904 SG-D47 Sc-J1
8th January 1889
SG1 Sc1
1931 SG160 Sc140
Colonial Exposition
1933 SG197 Sc-C1
1914 SG77 Sc-B1
1933 SG-O197 Sc-O1
Post Due
1904 SG-D47 Sc-J1

Indo-China 1892 SG6 Sc3  
First real stamp
1892 SG6 Sc3
First original stamp
1907 SG51 Sc41

These comprise an interesting and attractive set from a French colony at last and this even applies to both the early overprints for CC, A&T in addition to the issues for Indo-China. The area comprises the French possessions on the Cambodian peninsular. It was occupied by the Japanese in WW2 and towards the end of the war, King Sihanouk declared independence, but French rule was reinstated after Japan surrendered. Cambodia became independent in 1953.

French Madagascar

French Offices in Madagascar
1891 SG Sc8

Madagascar is a large island off South Africa’s southeast coast. Control was disputed between Britain, France and the inhabitants before the territory became a French protectorate in 1885 and a French colony in 1896. The British Consular issues were described in Display 11. The initial French Office overprints are expensive, but the first real stamp, typeset, is shown.

The set of first issues begins with the first French colony stamp. [not sure what that means]

French Madagascar 1896 SG1 Sc28 French Madagascar 1931 SG149 Sc169 French Madagascar 1935 SG153 Sc-C1 French Madagascar 1915 SG80 Sc-B1  
1896 SG1 Sc28 Commemorative
1931 SG149 Sc169
Colonial Exposition
1935 SG153 Sc-C1
1915 SG80 Sc-B1
Post Due
1896 SG-D17 Sc-J1

Malagasy Republic 1958 SG1 Sc301
Malagasy Republic
1958 SG1 Sc301

The Malagasy Republic was established in 1958.

The colony also administered the nearby former protectorates of Anjouan, Grand Comoro, Mayotte, Diego-Suarez, Nossi-Bé and Sainte-Marie de Madagascar, shown on the next page.


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