First Issues - 1886 to 1889

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Senegal, cont.

wrong stamp Mali federation 1958 SG1 Sc1  
French West Africa Mali federation Republic of Senegal
First real stamp
1945 SG2 Sc17
1958 SG1 Sc1 1960 SG228 Sc195

Senegal became part of French West Africa in 1943, separated to become the Republic of Senegal in 1958 (though no stamps were issued in that name), in 1959 joined the Sudanese Republic to form the Mali Federation, but in 1960 resumed its previous identity and issued its own stamps again.


Tunisia 1888 SG1 Sc1 Tunisia 1938 SG196 Sc-B54 Tunisia 1919 SG69 Sc-C1 Tunisia 1949 SG321 Sc-C14 Tunisia 1915 SG49 Sc-B1 Tunisia 1901 SG-D28 Sc-J1
1st July 1888
SG1 Sc1
1938 SG196 Sc-B54
Post Office 50th anniv.
1919 SG69 Sc-C1
First real airmail
1949 SG321 Sc-C14
1915 SG49 Sc-B1
Post Due
1901 SG-D28 Sc-J1

Northern Africa, at the time of the first issue Tunisia was a French protectorate and became a sovereign state in 1956 and a republic the following year (the first stamp of the republic is too expensive to bother with and the stamp centenary issue rather dull). Nevertheless, an attractive set of first issues, particularly the bold first airmail overprint and an equally bold design for the first real airmail..


Gibbons groups Cochin China and Annam and Tonkin at the beginning of its Indo-China listing. In 1887, Cambodia, CC, A&T formed the Indochinese Union, and Laos joined in 1893.

Cochin China 1886 SG2 Sc2
Cochin China
[16th May 1886]
1886 SG2 Sc2

Cochin China, the southern-most state of French Indo-China in the Cambodian Peninsula. As noted in the Guinness pages, 'There are only four stamps from Cochin China, all French Colony overprints. The first is rather expensive and so the second (which in any case has a more meaningful overprint) is to be preferred'.

Annam and Tonkin
Annam and Tonkin
21st January 1888
SG1 Sc1

Annam and Tonkin, part of French Indo-China, bordering Siam. Only six stamps were issued, all French Colonies overprints, either “A & T” or “A – T”, 1 or 5 centimes. Stamps of Indo-China were used from 1892.


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