First Issues - 1886 to 1889

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South African provinces

New Republic
New Republic
[7th January 1886]
1886 SG Sc

Zululand SG1 Sc1  
1st May 1888
SG1 Sc1
First real stamp
1894 SG20 Sc15

New Republic was a Boer area, omitted from the British annexation of Zululand in 1887, but became part of Transvaal in 1888 and of the Union of South Africa. All issues were individually handstamped on sheets of gummed and perforated paper. The designs are all pretty similar, though some include the date printed and others not. The stamp shown is a representative example from 1886. In Northeastern Natal, Zululand was annexed by GB in 1887 and used GB and Natal overprints until a set of real stamps was issued in 1894.

Colombian state

Bogota 1889 SG Sc-LX1
1889 SG Sc-LX1

Not strictly a provincial issue, Scott lists Bogota as a Local Stamp. Not found in Gibbons. All the provinces are listed in the main Colombia entry.

Malayan state

Pahang 1889 SG4a Sc4 Pahang 1948 SG47 Sc44
[1st January 1889]
1889 SG4a Sc4
1948 SG47 Sc44
Silver Wedding

As is becoming the norm with Malayan states, the first Straits Settlements overprints for Pahang exclude themselves on grounds of cost, to be replaced with a slightly later overprint, together with another wedding anniversary commemorative.


Martinique 1886 SG1 Sc1 Martinique 1892 SG33 Sc33   Martinique 1945 SG222 ScC1 Martinique 1915 SG83 Sc-B1 Martinique 1927 SG-D130 Sc-J15 Martinique 1933 SG-D174 Sc-J26
18th July 1886
SG1 Sc1
1892 SG33 Sc33 Commemorative
1931 SG130 Sc129
Colonial Exposition
1945 SG222 ScC1
1915 SG83 Sc-B1
Post Due
1927 SG-D130 Sc-J15
First real Post Due
1933 SG-D174 Sc-J26

Another French colony (this one in the West Indies) with mostly standard issues, although the first charity and the first real post due are beginning to show some originality (Scott notes that the first fourteen post due labels were not officially issued).


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