First Issues - 1886 to 1889

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Tonga 1886 SG1 Sc1       Tonga 1893 SG-O1 Sc-O1
1st January 1886
SG1 Sc1
1938 SG71 Sc70
1963 SG135 Sc-C1
1982 SG808 Sc-B1
Cyclone Relief
1893 SG-O1 Sc-O1

Tonga 1961 SG115 Sc114    
1961 SG115 Sc114 1986 SG951 Sc635 1990 SG1075  Sc741

Islands in the south Pacific, south of Samoa. Tonga's first commemorative, 1899 is an expensive overprint ($35/$75) for the marriage of George II to Lavinia with an overprint of their initials (T for the family name L for the bride): the first designed commemorative is the 1938 1d red and black celebrating the 20th anniversary of the accession of Queen Salote Tupou. There has only been one charity stamp, a 1982 overprint for cyclone relief. The Officials are all overprints.

1969 SG280 Sc222
1974 SG Sc-C145

The first issue has been celebrated several times. Tonga was noticeably restrained in its stamp issues for the first eighty years, the Scott catalogue only reaching #114 by 1961, but at that point, it would seem, they decided to make up for lost time (and revenue), specialising in strangely-shaped stamps, as exemplified by the first airmail. Particular favourites are the 1969 banana set and the 1974 parrot airmails: they celebrate their own excess (including the banana and parrot) in the miniature sheet on the reverse of page 1.

Niuafo’ou 1983 SG1 Sc1
1983 SG1 Sc1

Issues for Niuafo'ou, 'Tin Can Island', started in 1983: further details in a subsequent display.

Issues for states and provinces for the period of a Display are shown together.

Indian States

Indore SG2 Sc1 Jhalawar SG1 Sc1   Wadhwan SG5 Sc1 Travancore SG14 Sc1 Chamba SG1 Sc1 Faridkot SG1 Sc4
Indore Jhalawar Bamra Wadhwan Travancore Chamba Faridkot
6th January 1886
SG2 Sc1
SG1 Sc1
1st January 1888
SG1 Sc1
1st January 1888
SG5 Sc1
16th October 1888
SG14c Sc1
SG1 Sc1
1st January 1887
SG1 Sc4

Indore Bamra
India 2010 SG Sc India 2010 SG Sc

Five Feudatory and two Convention states in this period. Faridkot also made Feudatory issues, starting in 1879.There is a full listing of all the Indian States in Display 6.

India celebrated two of these state issues in 2010, Indore and Bamra.


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