First Issues - 1886 to 1889

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This is the 12th display in a series intended to show the first issues of every country. That includes the first stamp and (where issued) the first commemorative, airmail, charity, official and post due. There is rather a surfeit of unoriginal French colonial issues in this period.

Belgian Congo

Belgian Congo 1886 SG1 Sc1 Belgian Congo 1928 SG145 Sc115 Belgian Congo 1920 SG87 Sc-C1 Belgian Congo 1918 SG78 Sc-B1 Belgian Congo 1923 SG-D141 Sc-J1
1st January 1886
SG1 Sc1
Leopold II
1928 SG145 Sc115
Sir Henry Morton Stanley, explorer
1920 SG87 Sc-C1
1918 SG78 Sc-B1
Red Cross
Post Due
1923 SG-D141 Sc-J1

  Zaire 1971 SG788 Sc750
Congo Zaire
1960 SG360 Sc323 1971 SG788 Sc750

A strong and pleasingly inexpensive set with no official. In 1960 the region became independent as the Congo Democratic Republic and in 1971 the Republic of the Zaire.


Gibraltar 1886 SG1 Sc1 Gibraltar 1886 SG39 Sc8 Gibraltar 1935 SG114 Sc100 Gibraltar 1918 SG86 Sc-MR1 Gibraltar 1956 SG-D1 Sc-J1
1st January 1886
SG1 Sc1
First real stamp
1886 SG39 Sc8
1935 SG114 Sc100
Silver Jubilee
1918 SG86 Sc-MR1
War Tax
Post Due
1956 SG-D1 Sc-J1

A pretty ordinary British colony set, though interesting that the #1 is a Bermuda overprint. No airmail or official.


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