First Issues - 1881 to 1885

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Timor 1885 SG1 Sc1   Timor 1898 SG58 Sc45 Timor 1938 SG270 Sc-C1   Timor 1904 SG-D124 Sc-J1
SG1 Sc1
First real stamp
1887 SG21 Sc11
1898 SG58 Sc45
Vasco da Gamma
1938 SG270 Sc-C1
1919 SG-C228 Sc-MR1
War Tax
Post Due
1904 SG-D124 Sc-J1

Timor 1911  SG125  Sc106    
Republic UNTAET Timor-Leste
1911  SG125  Sc106 2000 SG1 Sc350 2002 SG5 Sc352

A Portuguese colony, the eastern part of Timor island in the Malay Archipelago. The stamps are those same old colonial issues, starting with a Macao overprint, the first real Timor stamp being issued in 1887. Timor became a republic in 1911 and was annexed by Indonesea in 1976. The United Nations administered the area under UNTAET (United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor) from 2000 and Timor-Leste became independent in 2002.


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