First Issues - 1881 to 1885

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French Polynesia 1979 SG Sc322 French Polynesia 1982 SG Sc361
French Polynesia
1979 SG Sc322
[9th June 1882]
French Polynesia
1982 SG Sc361

All the stamps of this Pacific island were bold overprints of general French Colonies issues for twenty years, then, from the early 1900s, French Oceania (later French Polynesia) were used. All are expensive, as are the charity stamps and post due labels, and forgeries commonplace. It is unlikely that any of these stamps will be shown although the second charity is a possibility. Fortunately, there have been a couple of commemoratives from French Polynesia. The 1982 commemorative is also available as a miniature sheet shown on the reverse of the first page.


Thailand 1883 SG1 Sc1   Thailand 1925 SG230 Sc-C1   Thailand 1963 SG-O495 Sc-O1
4th August 1883
SG1 Sc1
1908 SG113 Sc113
40th year of the reign of King Chulalongkorn
1925 SG230 Sc-C1
1918 SG177 Sc-B1
Red Cross
1963 SG-O495 Sc-O1

The western part of the Malay peninsular. For the first twenty-five years, all the stamps showed King Chulalongkom, including the first commemorative celebrating his forty years on the throne. No post due label.


Guadeloupe 1889 SG Sc3 Guadeloupe 1892 SG34 Sc27   Guadeloupe 1945 SG202 Sc-C1 Guadeloupe 1915 SG81 Sc-B1 Guadeloupe 1905 SG-D Sc-J15
[28th February 1884]
1889 SG Sc3
First real stamp
1892 SG34 Sc27
1931 SG147 Sc138
Colonial Exposition
1945 SG202 Sc-C1
1915 SG81 Sc-B1
Post Due
1905 SG-D Sc-J15

A French colony in the West Indies. Overprints of the general French colonies stamps were used for eight years: the first two issues are out of budget and the #3 is shown. The early local primitive Post Dues are expensive, as are the subsequent overprints: the first real label is shown. No official.


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