First Issues - 1881 to 1885

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Portuguese Guinea


Portuguese Guinea 1881 SG19 Sc8 Portuguese Guinea 1886 SG35 Sc22   Portuguese Guinea 1938 SG288 Sc-C1   Portuguese Guinea 1904 SG-D122 Sc-J1
1881 SG19 Sc8
First real stamp
1886 SG35 Sc22
1946 SG297 Sc251
Discovery of Guinea, 500th anniv.
1938 SG288 Sc-C1
1919 SG-C241 Sc-MR1
War Tax
Post Due
1904 SG-D122 Sc-J1

On the west coast of Africa between Senegal and Guinea, the colony first used Cape Verde stamps, identified by cancellation, then, from 1881 (date not known) Cape Verde stamps overprinted "GUINÉ", in black (#1 priced at $1000/$800) then overprinted in red, as shown. The first real stamp was in 1886. Another standard Portuguese (i.e. rather tedious) colonial issue.

Issues for states and provinces for the period of a Display are shown together.

Malayan States

Selangor 1886 SG35 Sc11 Selangor 1891 SG49 Sc24 Selangor 1948 SG88 Sc74
1886 SG35 Sc11
First real stamp
1891 SG49 Sc24
1948 SG88 Sc74
Silver Wedding

For Selangor, the authenticity of the 1878 handstamped Straits Settlements overprints already seen in other States is questioned. This is no bad thing as they are, as usual, expensive. From 1882, these were replaced by a series of mechanical overprints in a variety of fonts, the least expensive of which is shown. The first real stamp was issued in 1891 and the first commemorative was the common design for G6's wedding anniversary.

North Borneo 1886 SG10 Sc10 North Borneo 1922 SG253 Sc13 North Borneo 1916 SG202 Sc-B1  
[March 1883]
1886 SG10 Sc10
1922 SG253 Sc136a
Malaya-Borneo Exhibition, Singapore
1916 SG202 Sc-B1
War Fund
Post Due
1895 SG-D2 Sc-J1

Both Gibbons and Scott list North Borneo separately rather than under Malayan States, but that is where it ended up. Until 1946, it was administered by the British North Borneo Company and issued many attractive and entertaining stamps. The first shown is a later issue to the same design.


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