First Issues - 1881 to 1885

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This is the 11th display in a series intended to show the first issues of every country. That includes the first stamp and (where issued) the first commemorative, airmail, charity, official and post due.


Nepal 1901 SG26 Sc23   Nepal 1958 SG115 Sc-C1  
[May 1881]
1901 SG26 Sc23
1956 SG97 Sc84 Coronation of King Mahendra Ben Bikram and Queen Ratna Rayja Lakshmi
1958 SG115 Sc-C1
1959 SG-O135 Sc-O1

Located in the Himalayas, between India and Tibet. The first issue centenary was commemorated with a miniature sheet in 1981, overleaf. Stamp issues were few and far between and the same design was used until 1903, the stamp featured being one of the later issues. The other stamps shown, although from the 1950s, have only reached around #100 in both catalogues. The commemorative is the first of a set for the coronation, although it illustrates local agriculture.


Haiti 1881 SG1 Sc1 Haiti 1929 SG307 Sc-C2  
1st July 1881
SG1 Sc1
1929 SG305 Sc321
Frontier Treaty with the Dominican Republic
1929 SG307 Sc-C2
1944 SG373 Sc-RA2
Post Due
1898 SG-D63 Sc-J1

Centenary commemorative
1984 SG1501 Sc781

The western side of the island of Hispaniola (the larger eastern side being the Dominican Republic) in the Carribean Greater Antillean archipelago. The C2 airmail was issued before the C1, both being part of a four-stamp set to the same design. Most of the first issues are inexpensive, with the exception of the 1939 first charity stamp for the Athletic Stadium Fund, and so the first postal tax stamp for the benefit of war invalids is shown instead (there were several stamps of different colours, all of 5c. Gibbons starts with the blue, Scott with the purple). The centenary was celebrated rather belatedly in 1984.


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