First Issues - 1877 to 1880

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Tobago SG1 Sc1
1st August 1879
SG1 Sc1

West Indian: became part of Trinidad and Tobago in 1889.

Eastern Rumelia and South Bulgaria

1881 SG Sc10

This region rejected Turkish rule and joined Bulgaria in 1885 as South Bulgaria. The first issues (quite expensive) are Turkish overprints. Later that year South Bulgaria issued stamps, all ER (more expensive) overprints: between the overprints there were a two sets of real ER stamps, one of which is shown, the first real ER stamp.
Mackay [1, p.127] observes that the Eastern Rumelia real stamps were the first with four languages (Turkish, Greek, Bulgar and French) in four scripts (Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic and Roman).


A short set from Cyprus, the first being a GB bantam overprint (see small stamps). There's a workmanlike miniature sheet showing early overprints on the back of the first page. The first real stamp followed soon after in 1881 and the Cyprus Republic achieved independence in 1960.

Cyprus SG7 Sc1 Cyprus SG31 Sc11 Cyprus SG123 Sc114 Cyprus SG ScRA1 Cyprus SG188 Sc183
1st April 1880
SG7 Sc1
First real stamp
1881 SG31 Sc11
1928 SG123 Sc114
50 years as a British colony
1974 SG Sc-RA1
postal tax
Refugee Fund
1960 SG188 Sc183

The Sc-RA1 overprint seems to have been issued a few months after the RA2 real stamp.

Occupation Issues and Offices Abroad

These are dealt with collectively in a separate display. There were none of note in this period.


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