First Issues - 1877 to 1880

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  Labuan SG83 Sc66  
[1st May 1879]
1894 SG51 Sc42
1896 SG83 Sc66
50th anniv. of the cessation of Labuan to GB
Post Due
1901 SG-D1 Sc-J1

This is an island six miles from Borneo and administered as part of the British North Borneo colony that appears in the next display. Its #1 is a pretty 2c green that sells for $1100/$800, but the same design was used until 1884 with the 2c value appearing in both green and rose, the latter being far cheaper. SG5/Sc5 in green at $30 or SG51/Sc42 rose at $2 is the choice. There is a pleasant commemorative Jubilee overprint and a set of post dues that are inexpensive, so long as bought used.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina SG Sc2 Bosnia & Herzegovina SG1 Sc1 Bosnia & Herzegovina SG343 Sc46 Bosnia & Herzegovina SG383 ScB1 Bosnia & Herzegovina SG391 ScB9 Bosnia & Herzegovina SG183 ScJ1
1st July 1879
SG135 Sc2
1894 SG1 Sc1 Commemorative
1910 SG343 Sc46
80th birthday or Emperor Franz-Joseph
1914 SG383 Sc-B1
1916 SG391 Sc-B9
War wounded
Post Due
1904 SG183 Sc-J1

Bosnia & Herzegovina SG413 ScB13 Bosnia & Herzegovina SG414 ScB14 Bosnia & Herzegovina SG415 ScB15
The memorial church
1917 SG413 Sc-B13
Archduke Ferdinand
1917 SG414 Sc-B14
Archduchess Sophia and the Archduke
1917 SG415 Sc-B15

The Balkans B&H is a beautiful set. The catalogue #1 (1 kreuzer grey) was issued in 1894, the #2 (½ kreuzer black) in 1879, both are shown: Gibbons seems to recognise many more variants than Scott. The purpose of the 1914 charity issue (Scott’s B1) is unclear: Mackay preferred the 1916. It is worth noting the 1917 set SG413-15, B13-15, three values to fund a memorial church at Sarajevo to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and Archduchess Sophia, without which event the world would be a different place.

After WW1, B&H became part of Yugoslavia. There were numerous admin changes from the 1990s onwards as the Balkans ‘balkanised’: Scott lists the Muslim Government in Sarajevo (1993); Bosnian Croat Administration located in Mostar (1993); Bosnian Serb Administration located in Banja Luca (1992); with more to follow. Such moves will probably be covered in a specific Balkans and Crumbling Russia Display.


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