First Issues - 1877 to 1880

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Panama SG1 Sc1 Panama SG160 Sc202 Panama SG225 ScC1 Panama SG235 Sc7 Panama SG353 ScRA1 Panama SGD169 ScJ1
September 1878
SG1 Sc1
1913 SG160 Sc202
400th anniv. of Balboa's discovery of the Pacific Ocean
1929 SG225 Sc-C1
First real airmail
1930 SG235 Sc-C7
1939 SG353 Sc-RA1
Cancer Research Fund
Post Due
1915 SG-D169 Sc-J1

    Panama SG142 Sc185
Department of Colombia Republic First real stamp
1887 SG5 Sc8 1903 SG35A Sc51 1905 SG142 Sc185

Panama was originally a department of the Republic of Colombia, but gained independence in 1903 and so the 1878 #1 was issued in that context and only valid for internal mail. There are some admin variants and changes to note as that independence was gradually realised (the 1878 issue was for use throughout Panama). The first airmail was a Special Delivery overprint and the underlying stamp takes its place in the Express diversion. In all a nice series of stylish and relatively inexpensive stamps, lacking an official. Stamps were later issued for the Canal Zone which was under US administration.


Bulgaria SG1 Sc1 Bulgaria SG78 Sc43 Bulgaria SG281 ScC4   Bulgaria SG210 ScB1 Bulgaria SG-O507 Sc-O1  
1st May 1879
SG1 Sc1
Commemorative1896 SG78 Sc43
Baptism of Prince Boris
1927 SG281 ScC4
1916 SG185 Sc113
Red Cross Fund
1920 SG210 Sc-B1
Returned prisoners of war
1942 SG-O507 Sc-O1
Post Due
1884 SG-D75 Sc-J1

Bulgaria SG286B ScRA1 Bulgaria SG-E429 ScE1
World's First
Sunday Delivery Stamp

1925 SG286b Sc-RA1
1939 SG-E429 Sc-E1

Bulgaria has another handsome full set. The #1, depicting a crest shown the Lion of Bulgaria, is similar to those of Russia and Poland, and there is a particularly fine early airmail (C2 and C4 issued in 1927, C1 and C3 in 1928). There were perforation variants of the early post due sets and the cheapest is favoured. Bulgaria was also one of the motive forces behind the Express Diversion with an issue so good (as with Russia) it has to be shown here with the full set on the Express page. Bulgaria has a First First to offer with the world’s first Sunday Delivery stamp.


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