First Issues - 1877 to 1880

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Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands SG23 Sc11B Falkland Islands SG127 Sc65   Falkland Islands SG70b-MR1 Sc  
[19th June 1878]
1899 SG23 Sc11B
1933 SG127 Sc65
Centenary of British occupation
Romney Marsh Ram
2003 SG Sc-C1
1918 SG70b Sc-MR1
War tax
Post Due
1991 SG-D1 Sc-J1
King Penguin

Falkland Islands SG430 ScB1 Falkland Islands SG351 Sc278
1982 SG430 Sc-B1
Rebuilding Fund
1978 SG351 Sc278

There are numerous watermark variants of the #1 and this is the cheapest. The size of the first Scott charity is absurd and an immediate contender in the Large diversion (curious that there should be three entries in this display). In the Argentina entry, mention was made of the use of stamps to draw attention to the territorial dispute over the Falklands: this will be explored overleaf.


    China SG-349 Sc-B1  
1894 SG16 Sc16
60th birthday of Tsz'e Hsi, Empress Dowager
1921 SG352 Sc-C1
1920 SG349 Sc-B1
Yellow River flood victims
Post Due
1904 SG-D137 Sc-J1

China is, as one might expect, a complex entity with admin changes, provinces, treaty ports and territorial splits. An initial selection of mainland, mainstream issues will be shown here and perhaps an entirely separate display dealing with the sub-categories (after which, this section will probably need a rewrite).

Taiwan SG351 Sc278
Taiwan, Centenary 1978 SG351 Sc278

China issued a set of three Large Dragons in 1878 and three smaller dragons in 1885: all are expensive and so are represented by a 1978 Taiwanese stamp that commemorates the first issues in a rather small way and a 1988 miniature sheet on the reverse of the first page which makes a rather better job of it. (Scott refers to Taiwan as the 'Republic of China' and both Gibbons and Scott describe the mainland as the 'People’s RofC': that is part of the problem.)


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