First Issues - 1877 to 1880

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Samoa SG15 Sc1c Samoa SG143 Sc136 Samoa SG263 Sc-C1 Samoa SG273 Sc-B1
1st October 1877
SG15 Sc1c
1920 SG143 Sc136
o/p of NZ Victory issue of 1919
1965 SG263 Sc-C1
1966 SG273 Sc-B1
Hurricane Relief

Samoa is a Pacific Archipelago, east of Fiji. There are four variants of the #1 with distinctions too minor to concern me: mine is a Type III from a FICC auction. The airmail and charity issues were rather late.

Samoa SG-G1 Sc51 Samoa SG101 Sc101 Samoa SG180 Sc166 Samoa SG239 Sc223
German dependency NZ Dependency Western Samoa Independence
1900 SG-G1 Sc51 1914 SG101 Sc101 1935 SG180 Sc166 1962 SG239 Sc223

Interesting changes of administration occurred: in the 1890s, the US, GB and Germany all had a presence. The three powers all encouraged rivalries within the local population, resulting in two civil wars, eventually resolved in the 1899 Tripartite Convention. GB withdrew, leaving ‘American Samoa’ in the west and the much larger ‘German Samoa’. Stamps were issued for the German area in 1900. During WW1, New Zealand troops occupied that area and NZ were given the mandate in 1920 by the League of Nations. In 1935, stamps were rebranded ‘Western Samoa’. Independence was granted in 1962.


Mozambique SG1 Sc1 Mozambique SG317 Sc237 Mozambique SG369 Sc-C1 Mozambique SG-C309 Sc-B1  
SG1 Sc1
1924 SG317 Sc237
400th death centenary of Vasco da Gamma
1938 SG369 Sc-C1
1920 SG-C309 Sc-B1
Post Due
1904 SG-D146 Sc-J1

1975 SG631 Sc516

Mozambique is on the southeast coast of Africa. Gibbons shows the date of the first issue as July 1876, Scott an unspecified date in 1877. Mackay lists a 1913 commemorative but there is no obvious candidate and so the 1924 Vasco da Gamma overprint is shown. Scott makes the usual distinction between war tax (MR prefix), postal tax (RA) and charity (B) stamps. There has been no official stamp. Mozambique became independent in 1975.
There are numerous subsidiary issues, both geographical and commercial: all are catalogued as separate #1s and they will be shown in the appropriate Display by date. They are Lourenço Marques (1893), Zambezia (1893), Inhambane (1895), Quelimane (1913), Tete (1913) and Kionga (1916). The companies are Mozambique co. (1892) and Nyassa co. (1898).


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