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[18th July 2012]

The fourth proof is at the printers (Lulu). Many corrections made and a new index of reconstructions added. I have ordered three copies this time, one to keep, one to work on and one for Charles Darwent, author of Mondrian in London, how British art nearly became modern who asked for a copy.

I already have a few changes I want to make but assuming that the cover works this time, it is nearly complete. I want to work in a reference to Lucy Howarth's thesis on Marlow Moss (I have already added a Darwent reference) and this will mean renumbering all the references before the final version. I am not sure whether to approach the Holtzman Trust for permission to publish, or just wait for February 2014.

[20th September 2011]

The painting has gone pretty well but the photograph used for the cover of v3 did not work. v4 is in the pipeline

[23rd August 2011]

After checking the second print, time for a third proof. I am working on B149 in oil and that wil be the front cover of the first full edition. The back cover is likely to be all the reconstructions to scale.

There is no immediate prospect of being able to duplex print and bind myself and so it is Lulu for the forseeable future. That is not a particular problem as I have found their service to be remarkably good, but I entered this process intending and wishing to be responsible for the whole end-to-end process.

[28th August 2011]

It's taken a few extra days to finalise the third proof, but it is now with Lulu for printing.

[9th August 2011] TMM

The book arrived a few days ago but this update has been delayed by switching from PC to Mac, so this is now via Dreamweaver rather than Cute.

It is a thing of considerable beauty, despite many careless errors. An update is already on order, trying another binding.

[2nd August 2011]

It's in the post from Lulu, cost £3.88 (but the first one's free) and £2ish postage. I have already noticed a few errors in the text, but that is only to be expected.

I need to find a decent duplex colour printer.

[30th July 2011]

The corrections are done and I am now struggling to beat duplex printing into submission. And failing. I might try Lulu first.

[23rd July 2011]

The first draft is complete. Now proofreading and tidying up for the first print.

[1st July 2011]

I have completed the short InDesign course which was invaluable.

I am now working through a first draft of the book and trying to work out how to duplex print - the software is brillant at formatting the 8-page signatures, but there's some way to go in integrating that with a cheap and cheerful injet printer.

[16th June 2011] Bookbinding: A Step-by-step Guide

InDesign now installed and I'm working on the book. I visited Shepherds again yesterday to get some decent paper to print on and some card for the cover.

As I had an Amazon voucher to hand, I have ordered another book on the subject,

[8th June 2011]

I attended the InDesign course today and the software is amazingly powerful. I have ordered a copy.

[5th June 2011]
[1st June 2011] Indie Publishing

My latest new hobby will probably be bookbinding. The main (initial) motivation for this is to create a book of the Lost Mondrians, Mondrian being my main ongoing obsession.

My original intention was to write an article on the subject, based on the Reconstruction page (the article is around 60% complete) and try to get it published somewhere, but a self-published book looks like far more fun and will be more posterical. I bought Indie Publishing, which is inspirational. I have booked a course on Adobe InDesign, which seems to be the preferred software, and will look for a bookbinding course.

Here are some useful links:

Mondrian died on February 1st 1944 and so 2014 is probably significant for copyright purposes. Although, if the paintings have been destroyed, copyright ownership on those is debatable, the article will reference some extant works and so the date is important. While awaiting a more general copyright liberation, I will toy with home-made books on the subject.

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