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If any visitors possess or come across any items with Blackburn associations, I would be grateful to receive a picture and details, or even the actual item. I will be happy to refund the cost of postage - but please check first.

Recent features, more information on Blackburn Memorials

the terrible tragedy of Edward and Ernest Blackburn

and Lawrence William Blackburn III

Please send your Blackburn Baby pictures in for the New Arrivals page.

This link should take you to a Blackburn search on find a It gives rise to some new leads for moderately famous Blackburns.

Mount Blackburn Blackburn Island
Mount Blackburn, Alaska Blackburn Island, Massachusetts

These are the largest Blackburns I have found so far - Mount Blackburn, Alaska and Blackburn Island, Massachusetts (larger versions of the pictures here.)

Time now [early 2000 when I wrote that] for a new collection - Blackburniana. I typed the name into eBay and was astonished at the pages of items which came back. Admittedly a lot of it is Blackburn Rovers football paraphernalia, with quite a few baseball cards as well. But the rest is a treasure trove. I am mostly interested in the products of people with this prestigious name and, for example, intend to get at least one book by every Blackburn published (see linked page). But there are plenty of other items I will find to clutter a cupboard. The plan is to buy small inexpensive items for display. Anything large and/or expensive I will just acquire for my virtual collection, i.e. copy and paste from eBay (or wherever) to this page.

Blackburn 4th July Party, 1910

Having found more items than a few in the first two weeks of searching for Blackburniana, the need for some organisation is apparent. The initial categories will be

Following an executive New Year Resolution in 2001, Blackburnes are now being included in the collection. This is justified by (1) the confusion over Linelle and Lena; (2) the discovery of Blackburne Engines; and (3) the fact that it will allow the inclusion of Joseph Blackburne the English chess player who was the only other Blackburn I had heard of before starting this collection.

Most of the items come from eBay auctions. The convention I have adopted to begin with is to show my comments in normal script and sellers comments in italics.

Blackburn 4th July Party, 1910

A pal and fellow Blackburn Enthusiast, Colin, (he lives there) sent me a small stack of these Blackburn stickers and other relevant goodies. I offered them on a first-come, first-served basis to any other Blackburns, but they have all gone now.

Blackburn Aircraft badge

On the left is a (rather expensive) badge from Blackburn Aircraft Ltd. The company is featured on the Engineering page with an overflow onto its own page.

And on the right a cider coaster incorporating my nickname, Blackrat.

Blackrat cider

I want to be a tree

Not just any tree, but a Sabal blackburniana . I'm trying to get hold of some seeds to grow one in the lean-to neighbour Reg will be building for us shortly. When I find some, any spares will be available to extended family members.

Sabal blackburniana
Cotoneaster Apiculatis 'Blackburn'

We also have a rather unexciting shrub, Cotoneaster Apiculatis 'Blackburn' (aka Blackburn Cranberry Cotoneaster), with "showy red fruit in late summer".

Cotoneaster Apiculatis 'Blackburn'
Blackburnian warbler

A new (30th July 2002) picture of Blackburn's Warbler (Dendroica blackburnia), from an old postcard. The artist's name is Reed. The old one is here.

October 2006 I'm not sure how enthusiastic to get about this, but there is a Blackburn Dung Beetle, Saprosites mendax Blackburn, 1892.
I have no image of this (yet), but I do have an article, kindly sent by Kit Heald, notes taken from a meeting of the Warrington Archaeological and Historical Society, at which the life and works of John Blackburne of Orford Hall, Warrington was discussed.Ihe notes are here.

Blackburn's Butterfly

From Hawaii, Blackburn's Butterfly (Udara blackburni) added 18th March 2002, found here.
There is also a Blackburn's Sphinx Moth(Manduca blackburni).

The butterfly has also appeared on a private Hawai'i Post stamp added Jan 2005

Blackburn butterfly stamp

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